Holding The Harmonica

Now you might think that holding a harmonica is very simple, but there is a preferred way.

Open the thumb and the forefinger of the left hand and slide the harmonica between them making sure that the numbers are facing up, like so.

Then bring the right hand up and cup around the back and underneath the left hand, like so.

Then bring the Harmonica up to your mouth and blow.

At the end of the day holding the harmonica is not the most important part of playing, but it does help if you start of on the right track.

Harmonica Lessons Featured Song
Juke - Members Only
by Little Walter
Today we’re going to learn "Juke" by Little Walter, probably his best known song, which he used to play as the opening theme song when he played in the Muddy Waters Band. - Complete lesson with MP3s

Your Questiuons Answered
Can I tune up my Harmonica?
The simple answer is yes. If your Harmonica goes out of tune slightly you can re-tune it using a small screw driver, a set of feeler gauges and a metal nail file. Read how to do it in the Maintenance & Tuning section.

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